Dream With Us

This line of sleepwear carries a little girl’s dream and legacy forward, and with every pair purchased, 50% of our net profits benefit pediatric cancer research.

The pajamas you're holding represent the Joy, Hope and Entrepreneurial spirit of a brave 8 ½ year old girl named Priyanka. She courageously battled leukemia, one day at a time, for over 4 years, living in and out of the hospital like most young cancer patients.

Each trip to the hospital meant carrying a little girls’ suitcase filled with familiar pajamas and bedding from home. Priyanka particularly disliked the standard-issue institutional sleepwear, and having her own comfortable pajamas allowed her to feel safe, secure and emotionally empowered to deal with her hospital environment.

When her hospital stays became longer and more frequent, Priyanka created a hobby that would keep her excited to wake up each day and allow her to show gratitude for the doctors and nurses who were trying so hard to save her life.  Priyanka made beaded lanyards and bracelets, selling them for $1.00 a piece. With the love she put into every hand-beaded piece, Priyanka's hobby actually turned into a small cottage industry, run directly from her hospital bed. Before long, Priyanka was making and selling so many lanyards, she was nearing her savings goal to buy a laptop computer.

Priyanka passed away with $320 in her cash register by her bedside - revenue generated from making and selling lanyards with love. Most importantly, she believed in never quitting and working toward her dream.

Her vibrant spirit and dedication inspired us to create Pajamas with Love.  Knowing what a difference a soft, familiar pair of pajamas can make for a child, a teen, a parent, or a grandparent, we hope that you feel safe, secure and emotionally empowered when wearing Pajamas with Love. 

We sincerely thank you for your purchase.

With Love,

Priyanka's Family